Wood Floor Restoration From Pet Urine Damage

Pictures, Videos before and after wood floor restoration sanding staining and refinishing

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24 Responses to Wood Floor Restoration From Pet Urine Damage

  1. Looking at a house we want to buy. It has carpet, but oak floors underneath. I worry that the pet odor in the house is all in the floors. Will definitely be looking you up if we decide to buy it.

  2. I’m talking about getting the black urine stains UP from the hardwood floor…..not replacing the floor you idiot. All you’re after is the money.

  3. what the fuck this dude tries to hard to be a comedian leave the funny stuff to the real comedians and show what you advertise in the heading of the video i seen no restoration work actually being done .

  4. Why did they bother making this video?  To my mind, “restoration” and “replacement” are not at all the same thing. Few DIY viewers will attempt replacing sections of hardwood floor as something that is best left for professionals. No techniques are described so the video is worthless to a DIY. Nor is the video any good as an advertisement. No mention is made of stripping the entire floor or any other attempt to match finish with the replacement boards. The replacement boards are very obvious on the finished project despite the dim lighting and the jerky camera.

  5. Quit saying “PETS!” with disdain. Why don’t you invent a toilet for “PETS!” if you are so smart. How many human stains have you had to remedy, like cigarette burns and other spills.

  6. not much on the restoring portion – more like wood floor replacement. was looking for a trick of the trade to kep original wood instead of ripping out the floor. sigh

  7. what the haters don’t realize is that the urine has destroyed the wood. There is no short cut to ‘clean’ it. Its far more sanitary(and civilized), to replace all the defective planks. good job.

  8. Your video doesn’t show much of the process, but I suppose its that way on purpose. You wouldn’t want people to know just how easy this type of work is. You want them to see how great of work you do, and hopefully they will hire you. I gotta say the work is mediocre, if one was wanting their floor to look as though there was never any damage. I will bet that for 1/2 the cost of what you charged, one could rent the needed tools and do a complete replacement or replace more of the boards that still had dark stains in the middle of the floor and transition area. I am not a licensed contractor, but I do repairs and restorations, as well as complete installs. I have done roofing, interior and exterior painting, drywall and plaster including brocade ceilings, tile floors, tub enclosures and re grouts. I haven’t done hardwood but none of it is rocket science. I would not be satisfied if I was the customer or the contractor, with the results of that floor. Either the people don’t know quality work, or you convinced them that this was the best that could be done for the money.  You should pick another job, unless this is the best you can do. In that case…. your customers are not getting a very good deal. You had a crew on that job and it took 5 days so you had to charge a pretty penny. One person should be able to do that small an are by themselves in 5 days. I bet you cleared a grand on that job and charged upwards of $2500…… am I close? Just being real here. No disrespect intended.

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