How To Refinish Oak Floors Without Sanding Part 2

Removing the paint stain and cleaning the floor in preparation for stain and refinishing without sanding.

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13 Responses to How To Refinish Oak Floors Without Sanding Part 2

  1. I think sanding is Much easier to do than scraping. I find I am clumsy with a scraper and tend to dig in with the edges to much which dies deep damage! Thanks for the tip none the less.

  2. I’ve tried this, and here’s a few commits. First, clear coat is some tough stuff. It’s harder to get up, than the wood. It also gets down into the grain. I tested a small area of chemical removal, It seemed to make a sticky mess, so I didn’t. Note: I didn’t try a large extent, I was worried about it causing adhesion failure later. It may have worked better. After way to much money spent on blades, and to many scraping workouts, I bought a floor buffer/sander. I’m not saying it wouldn’t work, but the amount and type of poly, if there’s going to be a color change, wood type, size floor……has a lot in a decision. What took me many hours with a scraper would have taken minutes with a sander…….I would only do this for the handscraped look, Not flat floors; it’s a lot of work….. BTW be careful with steel wool- water. It can cause the wood to darken, also particles of wool can deposit in the wood and rust. Never use Steel Wool, If using a waterborne product after.

  3. who is responsible for the closed-captions? crazy, would like that the interpretrr is as deaf as i am!

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