Does The Size Of Your Construction Company Matter? – Money Making Business Tips For Contractors

Click on This Link If Your Contractor Interested in Making More Money and Desires to Learn More about the Construction Business. One time I worked for a large home framing construction company who had over a hundred employees working for them. You would think that they were making a lot of money, buy at the size of their construction company and the volume of the work that they were doing, but this wasn’t the case. I worked for a contractor who didn’t have any employees and made as much money as the framing contractors I used to work for. The size of your construction company isn’t going to be relative to the amount of money you can actually make as a contractor. You could have 500 workers on your payroll and make less money than a contractor who doesn’t have any workers on their payroll. Watch this video for more information about making money as a working contractor.

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